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Welcome to Green Earth Hygiene, a specialist online wholesaler of eco friendly cleaning supplies. We believe sustainability starts with the environment and are proud to supply a range of bio-active cleaning solutions that are environmentally friendly.

Compared with traditional chemical based cleaning solutions, bio-active cleaning solutions employ enzymes, the by-product of micro-organisms to do the cleaning up. Enzymes in the products we supply partially degrade or breakdown the effluent into an easily degradable form. What remains is water soluble which can be safely returned to the environment.

Bio-active cleaners are also designed to penetrate more deeply and clean more thoroughly. Enzymes whilst cleaning more hygienically than traditional chemicals are also very gentle with no damage or erosion to surface materials.

So whether it is for the home, hospital, day care centre, public amenities, pub, club, cinema, school, or in fact anyplace where there is organic soiling, our range of bio-active cleaning and hygiene products can be used. They will have a big impact where there is a lot of organic matter and waste; where there is odour or a blockage problem and where exceptional cleanliness is required. Typical areas might be in a factory where there is oil and grease, in warehouses, garages, workshops, industrial kitchens, railway stations and petrol forecourts. It goes without saying that our bio-active products have wide application as cleaners and deodorisers in washrooms, urinals (including remote waterless locations), WC’s, sewers, pipe works, grease traps, septic and interceptor tanks. The list of cleaning applications is endless. If you have a polluting, dirty problem we most likely have a product with a bio-active enzyme that can digest it away for you.

We also supply a range of non-alcohol, no rinse and low rinse foam wash and liquid soap products and matching dispensers for your hands, body and hair. Our Foamcare range provides 24-hour anti-bacterial protection without rinse.

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