Have you ever opted to “stem the flow, hold on to it, or stretch one’s bladder” to avoid an unpleasant washroom? In this blog edition, I discuss the properties of urine that can cause problems in washrooms, particularly men’s washrooms. I also review and highlight the lack of cleaning and maintenance standards as a key contributing factor in urinal blockages and odor problems. I finish with our recommendations for eliminating odors in the washroo
Get some techniques to remove stains on toilets, urinals & tiled surfaces. Know the importance of biological cleaning products. Here we are discussing about how to remove stains on your toilets, urinals & tiled surfaces. It will help to stay healthy.
Many of us use chemical air fresher to get rid of bad odor. But these products are harmful for our health. Check out what are the harmful side effects and causes of chemical air fresheners. Know about the solution. Read here!
In the second of this 2 part series, I will provide an outline of the nature of the enzymes that are produced from our biological bio-enzymatic drain openers, cleaners and maintainers. Specifically, I will comment on: • Why we use bacteria producing enzymes. • The bacterial strains we use and why we use these strains • The enzymes produced from these bacterial strains • The various commercial applications
In this particular post I will present evidence that describes the conditions in drains that are conducive to digestion and anti-clogging generally and which also extend the natural working life of the drains and plumbing lines themselves. I will them outline how biological bio-enzymatic drain cleaners and maintainers are compliant in fostering such conditions and by extension, why traditional chemical based cleaners are not.
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