Blocked Drains, Bad Odour? Part 1 of 2: Biological Bio-enzymatic Drain Openers, Cleaners & Maintainers; Safe & Effective Long Life Cleaners

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Blocked Drains, Bad Odour? Part 1 of 2: Biological Bio-enzymatic Drain Openers, Cleaners & Maintainers; Safe & Effective Long Life Cleaners

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products Like Biological Bio-enzymatic Drain Openers & Cleaners Are Safest & Effective Long Life Environmentally Friendly Drain Cleaners

Blocked Drains Are A Problem Waiting To Happen In Most Businesses:

Most businesses will have some form of product residue that makes its way into onsite plumbing and sewerage lines. This might be fat and grease from kitchens, oils from factory floors, plant matter from farms and agricultural pursuits or it may simply be urine and wastes from washrooms undergoing large patronage. Whatever the pursuit and whatever the cause, blocked drains are a scourge on any business. And like a lot of things in life, they tend to occur unannounced, disrupting normal business patterns at best or critical business plans at worst.

Block drains disrupt business, give off nasty odour causing discomfort to workers and discouraging customers while insidiously increasing the costs of sewerage by reducing its flow. And this occurs all before any money is spent to rectify the problem.

Plying An Even More Toxic Mixture of Chemicals Is Not An Effective Solution:

Traditional solutions have plied an even stronger cocktail of chemicals in an attempt to ‘roast’ the source of the clog. While this might be met with some initial success, such a practice is a sure recipe to cook not just the source of the clog, but pipes and plumbing lines, water tables and all exposed surfaces including the hands and lungs of workers. Inevitably, such a practice contributes to a significantly larger medium term maintenance bill and when performed on a large scale has untold effects on biodiversity and the environment generally.

Nature Provides A Cleaner Alternative:

A clean and highly effective solution to unclogging and restoring free flowing drains and sewerage lines comes from nature itself. By replicating and concentrating millions of times, the power of nature harnessed in specific enzymes and micro-organisms targeted to a particular dirt or polluting problem we are able to break down all organic matter. Cleaning and unclogging drains with enzymes and micro-organisms is not just a more effective solution, but it is also totally environmentally responsible and truly green cleaning. It is also, in the case of most horticultural and agricultural pursuits and indeed any pursuit directly dependent on nature for its survival, an imperative, because environmental damage from chemicals would be the ruin of such businesses.

Uncovering Nature’s Secret to Digestion and Plumbing Longevity:

In this particular post I will present evidence that describes the conditions in drains that are conducive to digestion and anti-clogging generally and which also extend the natural working life of the drains themselves. I will them outline how biological bio-enzymatic drain cleaners and maintainers are compliant in fostering such conditions and by extension, why traditional chemical based cleaners are not.

The Evidence:

A recent article of 14 June 2014 published in The Economist, entitled, ‘Maintaining Sewers, It’s a gas’ documents the findings of Dr Mark Hernandez of the University of Colorado, Boulder. Dr Hernandez has conducted experiments, taking samples of waste water from 36 sewers, in order to determine the level of toxicity in those waters. His findings reported in Environmental Science and Technology include:


  1. Hydrogen Sulphide is the gas that causes sewers to smell. On its own, hydrogen sulphide does not damage a pipe's fabric, but it can be converted into sulphuric acid when in contact with certain strains of bacteria, which will then damage a pipe's fabric.
  2. Water in corroded pipes always exhibits high levels of acidity, with pH level of about 1 (equivalent to battery acid), with very low levels of biodiversity. This contrast to "healthy" pipes at neutral pH levels of ~7, with hundreds of species of bio-diverse living organisms flourishing within that ecosytem. In the very acidic environment, the environment is often dominated by Acidithiobacillus, which turns hydrogen sulphide into sulphuric acid, causing pipe corrosion. 


The Implications:

The significance of Dr Hernandez’s findings supports products that restore and maintain a neutral pH environment. That is to say that a pH neutral environment within drains and plumbing lines is advantageous because:

  1. It promotes an environment in which good bacteria can grow which in turn promotes active digestion of organic waste resulting in no clogs and free flowing drains.
  2. Secondly, a neutral pH environment will not attack the very fabric of pipes and plumbing, which often comprise PVC, copper, rubber membranes and other seals. In low pH environments (high acidic) or even high pH environments (high alkaline), such materials corrode or in the case of rubber and other membranes stiffen loosing their seal causing leaks, blockages and odour requiring expensive replacement and maintenance.


Biological bio-enzymatic products that Green Earth Hygiene supplies are pH neutral with a rating between 7 and 8. Pursuit to the evidence above, such products when poured into drains and left alone to digest organic waste will assist to restore a pH neutral environment that is conducive to maintaining high levels of biodiversity facilitating ongoing organic waste digestion. Biological bio-enzymatic products will digest organic waste in a manner that will not corrode or degrade the very environment, being the pipes and plumbing lines in which it is housed.

This contrasts to the vast range of chemical cleaning compounds with either a low pH (acid based cleaners) or high pH (alkaline cleaners) that while may initially breakup the drain clog will destroy the natural digestive bacteria facilitating more frequent clogging. Additionally, and somewhat devastatingly, it will corrode the very fabric of the pipes and plumbing contributing to expensive replacement and ongoing maintenance. As foreshadowed, the now more toxic solution is pushed further along plumbing lines putting greater strain on ensuing man-made and natural systems.

Green Earth Hygiene Biological Bio-enzymatic Products (Environmentally Friendly Products):

All of Green Earth Hygiene's biological bio-enzymatic drain cleaners and maintainers are pH neutral with a rating of between 7 and 8.

In addition to their pH neutrality, they also comprise a suit of bacteria producing enzymes that greatly assist in the digestion and liquefaction of a wide range of organic matter. In my next post, I will discuss the nature and efficacy of such bacteria producing enzymes.

Relevant products comprise:

For Drain Maintenance and Multi Purpose Cleaning, including Deep Cleaning:

  • BIOPLUS® CONCENTRATE: Multifunctional Biological Cleaner / Deodouriser and Drain Maintainer
  • BIOCARE All-In-One Biological Cleaner And Deodouriser
  • CLEANBIO All-In-One Surface Cleaner And Odour Eliminator


For Urinals:

  • Complete Range Of BIOTABS® URINAL DEODOURISER, DRAIN MAINTAINER & AIR FRESHENER for no/low flush and flushing environments
  • BIOPLUS® Waterless Urinal Cleaner Ready-To-Use Bottle Sprayer
  • BIOPLUS® Concentrate 25ml Sachet Refill


For WCs:

  • BIOFLUSHTM Bio-Enzymatic Toilet Bowl Deodoriser
  • BIOCLEANTM WC Toilet Maintainer
  • BIOCLEANTM Concentrate Sachet Refill, 50 ml
  • CLEANBIO BLUEFLUSHTM Automatic WC Toilet Maintainer
  • ECOBLUETM Bio-Enzymatic WC Toilet Maintainer


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